The Wild Kratts LIVE | September 29, 2018 | #PDXKids

Wild Kratts is a fairly new obsession for my kids but since they started watching the Kratt Brothers on a regular basis they have been a wealth of information when it comes to all things animals. They spend their days pretending to be Christ and Martin Kratt (or Zoobomafoo – a throw back to the early days with the Kratt Brothers) and they go on adventures right in our own home. They have been Thompson gazelles on an African savanna, Lemurs in Madagascar, and currently Alder’s favorite the Siberian Tiger.

We will be riding in the car or walking down the street and between Edith and Alder I will have a full lesson on the red kangaroo and how the boys are red and the girls are grey. I learn more from these kids and what they learn on Wild Kratts it’s just amazing to me. We then head to our local library and stock up on books about all the different creatures from Wild Kratts to read during our tea time.

So as Wild Kratts slowly takes over our home and playtime it only seemed natural to make plans to see The Wild Kratts LIVE this September here in Portland. Also Tickets Are On Sale Now! The Wild Kratts LIVE will be at Keller Auditorium with an all new show on Saturday, September 29th! Get Your Tickets here today!

So tell me – are your little ones also loving Wild Kratts? Who is planning to see The Wild Kratts LIVE whether here in Portland or in your city? 



  1. I have no lil ones so didn’t even know who these Kratts are, but I appreciate how they sneak all this information that peaks more interest in learning more into entertainment, and everyone in the whole family absorbs the knowledge!

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