Portland Area Parks // Irving City Park

Irving City Park - New Construction Playground

Location // Northeast Portland

Good for Ages // Playground is a geared toward the 5+ crowd however our almost 2 year old still enjoyed herself. The splash pad is good for all ages.

Playground & Splash Pad // The playground is half new construction and half (super) old construction. While the older section is a little more toddler friendly based on height it’s a little run down. Now as for the new play area it is really unique and an awesome spot for those with little climbers. There is also a splash pad that while on the smaller side is the perfect place to cool off during the hot Portland summer.

Irving City Park- Swings

Green Area // There is a large green area but we didn’t inspect it too much. 

Seating & Picnic Areas // There are a number of picnic tables throughout the park that seemed to be well maintained.

Bathroom Facilities // There is a bathroom building in the park.

Other Features // There are horseshoe pits, sports fields and tennis courts available to use.

Parking // On street.

Pros // Nice park and location. There is a splash pad and newer playground. There are green areas and picnic areas.

Cons // The run down older section of the playground. The leash-free open area dog park (would be nice if it was enclosed rather then dogs running all around).

Our thoughts // We took Edith here around 6:30pm on a week night and it was fairly busy. We ended up stopping in on our way home from dinner and honestly it wasn’t our favorite park for her. Like I said above it is great if you have older climbers but Edith just isn’t one so the playground was a little limited for us. We didn’t try out the splash pad but until she is a bit older that would be the only incentive for returning.

Irving City Park- Splash Pad

Would we return // See above.

Website // Portland Parks & Rec

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