Portland Area Parks // Westmoreland Park & Nature Play Area


Location // Southeast Portland – Westmoreland/Sellwood

Good for Ages // Playground good for children 1 – 12 years of age. Park good for all ages.


Playground // The playground is not your traditional playground but rather a nature area with one section having a huge water and sand play area equipped with lots of sand toys and the other area is filled with logs, a slide and lots of climbing structures. The sand area is best for the younger children and the climbing area is better suited for children who are a bit older and/or comfortable with climbing.

WestmorelandPark-view WestmorelandPark-slide

Green Area // There is a plenty of green area throughout Westmoreland Park.

Seating & Picnic Areas // There are many picnic areas throughout the park and some that you are able to reserve through the recreation department for social gatherings. There are also benches throughout the park and directly in the playground area.

Bathroom Facilities // There is a bathroom directly next to the playground area and there are porto-potties down by the playing fields at the opposite end of the park.

Other Features // The park has a number of sports fields, ducks and geese to feed and a beautiful boardwalk to stroll.

Parking // There is a parking lots on either end of the park and there is street parking.

Pros // big green area; well maintained; good spot for a picnic; good for a range of ages; bathrooms; wide paved paths; handicap accessible; small wall around the playground

Cons // not a conventional playground (if that is what you are looking for).WestmorelandParkLogs

Our thoughts // I took Edith and Alder here on around 9am on a Friday morning. There was one other little boy there with his mom as well. Edith fell in love with the sand area and she would have spent hours there had we not had an appointment to get to. When it came to the climbing/play structure area of the park she looked it over but wasn’t very interested in climbing the logs. She would have gone down the slide but it had rained the night before and was wet so I refocused her to the sand area again. I can’t speak to the water feature of the sand area as it was not on when we were there but it looks very similar to the one at Harper’s Playground/Arbor Lodge but bigger. As for the non-playground area we just love it. Maybe it’s because this was our park, the one we walked through almost every evening when we lived in Sellwood but it’s just such a great park.

Would we return // YES! This is easily one of our favorite Portland parks!

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