Babywearing | Wrapsody Stretch-Hybrid

The newest addition to our wrap collection is the Wrapsody Stretch-Hybrid in the beautiful color/pattern Aphrodite. As you all know babywearing is a big part of our lives and I have quite the diverse collection of carriers. I actually just had to de-stash some of my carriers because I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and … [Read more…]

Cloth Diapering with Two

I started writing this post back in July but for some reason it never got published. I figured I’d publish it now and I’ll do a follow up next month. So I was just reading Char’s update and her pros and cons of cloth diapering and felt inspired/reminded that I really should do an update … [Read more…]

Diaper Bag Dilemma

So here we are at 38w3d pregnant and I am in full on baby prep mode. Yeah I know it’s a little late in the game but when you have a toddler, a commuting husband, two blogs to focus on, a house to (try) and keep in order and a handful of other things going … [Read more…]