#WhatEdithWore | One

Edith has really started to take an interest in her clothes and style. Most days we can’t pick out her clothes without her throwing a fuss because well she wants to do it herself. I’m all about her asserting her independence and choosing her own clothes however sometimes there are still tears as I try … [Read more…]

Why We Love Babywearing

Like most couples when we found out we were expecting we started researching everything that we might “need” for our babies arrival. We decided right away that we were going to wear our baby not push him or her around in a stroller (with the exception of the BOB for going on runs). Well here … [Read more…]

{Review} BobaAir

As most of you know we are a little obsessed with babywearing over here. We already have a Boba Baby Wrap which we used all the time during the newborn days, although I did take it out for the first time in months and it felt so good to snuggle with Edith in it. We … [Read more…]