Flash Back: Daddy’s Little Helper

Every so often I find myself scrolling through the photos of my computer. It’s surprising how often I forget about photos that I have taken. Today I came across these beautiful photos of Edith and Neil from back in October 2013. Ever since we moved Edith has become obsessed with putting things together, specifically furniture. … [Read more…]

Date Night In | Stargazing

Why not take your date night in out, outside that is. Who says you have to go any further than the comfort of your own front or backyard. While you could do this in the summer it’s just as much fun in the late fall or winter! What you’ll need: One. You’ll need a big … [Read more…]

Magical Date Night In

  A fun and playful date night in. Who says Harry Potter is just for your children? What you’ll need: One. Your favorite Harry Potter* movie (Mine is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban). Two. Harry Potter inspired cocktails (I’m partial to the Neville Longbottom). Three. A comfy robe to wrap yourself up in; I … [Read more…]

Weekend Link Up: 10.18.13

My love of babywearing and education have finally created this. My current style inspiration this mama. Outfit that I am lusting after –> here. One strong and amazing mama that you should check out –> here. A picnic for one that I would love to eat.

October: Family Goals

Over on my healthy living blog, Running With Tongs, I like to share my monthly health, fitness and personal goals.  I often find myself having a few other goals that don’t really fit over there because rather than being personal goals they are goals that I have for our us as a family unit.  That … [Read more…]

Currently. 9.21.13.

Currently we are still in the process of moving in and I have to say I am so ready for this to be done. We ended up moving ourselves due to some overpriced or unavailable movers. To top it all off we were supposed to get a 10 foot truck but ended up with a … [Read more…]

Edith: 13 Months

*On August 9th, 2013 Edith turned 13 months!!!* Weight: Around 17lbs Height: 29.5 inches Likes: Going to the park. Playing with other babies. Balls. Kitty. Climbing on furniture. Rocking in her chair or really any chair (even those that don’t rock). Nursing. Music. Dancing. Dislikes: Getting in her car seat most of the time. Going … [Read more…]