I’m a week late in writing this post but we have been busy celebrating the life that made us parents. Our sweet, independent, kind and generous (among many other wonderful things) little girl has turned three. I’m not sure where the time has gone but she is three and I am excited as can before … [Read more…]

Finding Balance

It really hasn’t been my intention to let my posting on Naturally Family fall to the wayside but it seems that it has. I am just having a hard time finding the balance between my life as a mom, a partner, a blogger and everything in between. Unfortunately¬†Naturally Family has taken a bit of a … [Read more…]

Currently 1.24.15

Doing:¬†Oh just getting really excited as I realize that tonight is only Saturday night and that I still have another weekend day to get ohh a million things done tomorrow. Who am I kidding? Let’s focus on just getting one or two things done. Right now Neil and I are catching up on Top Chef … [Read more…]

Quick Update!

Hi Friends! Sorry for such a long time between posts. Things have been kind of crazy here after the holidays and both kids and Neil have been since the past week. I’ve got a bunch of new fun blog projects in the works and can’t wait to get regular posting. That being said you can … [Read more…]

Currently 01.08.15

Doing:¬†Currently I am writing this post while trying to figure out what is going on our meal plan for the next two weeks. In other news around here we have been going through some nap strikes and a strange bout of eating strikes from the child who up until a few days ago would eat … [Read more…]

Holiday Break

Hello friends! It has been awhile since we last posted and as you can imagine with the holidays we have been busy! We are taking a few more days off to relax as a family. We will be back in the New Year! Cheers!