Weekend Links & Big News!

Happy Friday! Who is ready for the weekend? To be honest I only know it’s Friday because we have our first date night since baby arrived. Oh and yes if you haven’t heard the news already via our Instagram and/or Facebook we had a baby! Ingrid Rose joined our family earth side on June 26th in the comfort of our living room with big sister and brother, our beloved babysitter (so thankful she could be there to help with the E&A) and our amazing midwife team.

Beyond date night tonight this weekend is about catching up on the mountain of laundry and dirty dishes we have accumulated and spending some time together as a family. We have been doing our separate thing for the most part since I’ve been focused on healing but now that I am feeling up to it we are getting a bit back to normal.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy these little things I have found this week while spending hours nursing.

Weekend Links

Since we have spent the last 2+ weeks either healing in bed or chasing a 5 and 2 year old we still don’t have a lot of the baby things on our list so I’m hoping that I’ll win this amazing giveaway.

Anyone else feel like they are constantly having power struggles with their kids? We are working on reducing them and this post has really helped us re-think how we interact.

Speaking of parenting I hear the Danish have it down to an art so I purchased this book to read – I’ll report back once I’ve read it.

We have our first little family getaway planned at the end of the summer and I’m thinking that this cot would be perfect for Alder.

Local to the Portland area? This story time is worth the trip.

Share a link in the comments to something that caught your eye this week!

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We’re Expecting and We’re Having A …



Yes for the third time we are not finding out the sex of baby #3. While we might not be finding out it doesn’t mean we aren’t a bit curious so just like every other pregnancy we are turning to some old wives tales for predictions.

The Predictions Based on Gender Prediction Charts and Old Wives Tales:

Time of Conception: No idea .

Cravings: GIRL
It is said that if you crave sweet it’s a girl and if you crave salt you’re having a boy.  While I haven’t had any crazy cravings I have been happy to indulge in vegan soft serve and I did have a week where I couldn’t get enough watermelon.

Dreams: No dreams.
I haven’t had any gender specific dreams yet. I know that that when I was pregnant with Edith I didn’t start having any until my third trimester.

Sleeping Preference: GIRL
I have read that you prefer sleeping on your left side, you’ll have a boy and if you prefer your right side a girl. I prefer my right and always have and just find myself always switching to my right side.

Morning Sickness Severity: GIRL
Apparently extreme nausea or nausea that lingers all day means you are having a girl. This was the most extreme nausea I have ever experienced. From weeks 4-18 it was pretty much non-stop but even now at nearly 25 weeks I still have my days.

Mathematical Formula: BOY
You add your age (3+1) to your due date month (6) to your conception month (9). Odd equals boy, even equals girl. Mine adds up to 19.

The Bump Chinese Gender Predictor: BOY
I used the chart on The Bump. This one is based on your age not your lunar age.

Chinese Gender Predictor: GIRL
This test takes your Chinese Lunar Age into consideration.
Woman’s Birth Year: 1985 Month: 8 Day: 28 Time Zone: EST
Conception Year: 2014  Month: 9 Day: 25 Time Zone: PST
It’s a girl! (Chinese Age 32 at Lunar month 8)

Mayan Table: GIRL
Age of conception [ODD] + Month of conception [ODD] = Girl 

Hands- Soft or Dry?: Inconclusive 
Neil says my hands aren’t dry but they aren’t soft.

Citrus: GIRL
Apparently if you’re craving citrus, you’re having a girl.

Skin: GIRL
Apparently if your skin breaks out expect a girl. Well my skin has been TERRIBLE.  

High or Low?: Inconclusive 
I have no idea. I have also read that where you carry is based on your body type, whether you have a good set of abs before conception and pregnancy #. Since I don’t have abs and I’m on pregnancy #6 it’s hard to tell. 

Nature’s language:  GIRL
It is believed that nature communicates with humans through forms. In this case, if the mother’s womb is round, it is a girl. If it is pointed, it is a boy (source). I am feeling like I look pretty round so I guess girl?

Heart Beat: GIRL
Is Baby’s heart beat faster than 140 beats per minute (bpm)? It’s a girl. Less than 130 bpm? It’s a boy (source). Heart beat has consistently been above 130 bpm.

Gut Feeling: I want to say girl but honestly I’m always wrong. I was convinced Edith was going to be a boy and that Alder was going to be a girl .

TOTALS: 9 Girl, 2 Boy, 4 inconclusive.

What do you predict we will have? 



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Red Yarn | The Deep Woods TV Pilot Premiere

Red & Bob on set

If you asked Edith who her favorite musician is she would probably look at you blankly and then say something random. However if you asked her if she likes Red Yarn then she would likely say “Red Yarn my favorite” she would also probably go on to tell you that we listen to Red Yarn in the car (on repeat- yes I now know 90% of the words) and she would also tell you how she saw him at the Playdate show (she stared and pointed in awe). Needless to say Red Yarn is popular in our home and we listen to Red Yarn daily (sometimes all day).

So all that being said I have exciting news regarding Red Yarn (AKA Andy Furgeson) and the release of his grant funded musical puppet film called The Deep Woods. Just like at Red Yarn’s live shows The Deep Woods transports audiences to a magical forest where all the animals of American folksongs live together. The pilot shows how Red Yarn chased a rabbit named Bob (Edith’s favorite character) into the Deep Woods, befriended more critters and started a traveling band with them. The Deep Woods won’t survive unless children remember these old characters and songs, so Red takes the critters back to the “real world” where they live in his basement and travel to shows in a suitcase. The pilot features four music videos of songs from the album, plus a live performance scene and narrative thread.

I can tell you as an adult I have really come to love listening to Red Yarn as well. Red Yarn really has a great way of being appealing to both kids and adults. While I might be as excited as Edith I have to say I am excited for the pilot premiere and I can’t wait to see Edith’s face when we take her.

Here is a sneak peak from the pilot (aka the most played YouTube video at our house):

So who is going to join us? We bought our tickets and can’t wait to watch the pilot and of course enjoy the live music, puppetry and Q&A with the film’s creators and puppet cast. So mark your calendars and buy your tickets! Details below.

Clinton Street Theater, 2522 SE Clinton St, Portland, OR 97202

Saturday, December 6, 3:30-4:30pm & 5:00-6:00pm

$5/person. All ages. ADA accessible.

Advance tickets available at www.brownpapertickets.com/event/940973

Funded in part by the Regional Arts & Culture Council