Weekend Links & Big News!

Happy Friday! Who is ready for the weekend? To be honest I only know it’s Friday because we have our first date night since baby arrived. Oh and yes if you haven’t heard the news already via our Instagram and/or Facebook we had a baby! Ingrid Rose joined our family earth side on June 26th in the comfort of our living room with big sister and brother, our beloved babysitter (so thankful she could be there to help with the E&A) and our amazing midwife team.

Beyond date night tonight this weekend is about catching up on the mountain of laundry and dirty dishes we have accumulated and spending some time together as a family. We have been doing our separate thing for the most part since I’ve been focused on healing but now that I am feeling up to it we are getting a bit back to normal.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy these little things I have found this week while spending hours nursing.

Weekend Links

Since we have spent the last 2+ weeks either healing in bed or chasing a 5 and 2 year old we still don’t have a lot of the baby things on our list so I’m hoping that I’ll win this amazing giveaway.

Anyone else feel like they are constantly having power struggles with their kids? We are working on reducing them and this post has really helped us re-think how we interact.

Speaking of parenting I hear the Danish have it down to an art so I purchased this book to read – I’ll report back once I’ve read it.

We have our first little family getaway planned at the end of the summer and I’m thinking that this cot would be perfect for Alder.

Local to the Portland area? This story time is worth the trip.

Share a link in the comments to something that caught your eye this week!

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Le Lait Baby | A Trendy, Modern & Gender Neutral Baby Line

Le Lait Baby - Alder - 3

When we were pregnant with Edith we were on the lookout for cute, modern and gender neutral clothes but it seemed everywhere we went all we could find were blue or pink clothes or yellow with ducks. Basically we couldn’t find anything that we really liked and wound up picking up a lot of white onesies, some greys and browns and we ended up being gifted some of those dreadfully yellow and white with duck rompers (sorry to those who gifted them!)

Le Lait Baby - Alder

When pregnancy came around a second time and once again we chose not to find out the sex we ran into the same problem again. This time however we knew we were having a summer baby and just like Edith, our first summer baby, we ended up realizing that these babies don’t actually wear a lot of clothes so instead of stocking up on boring old white onesies and the ugly ducklings (we hadn’t planned on baby #2 so all of Edith’s baby stuff was gifted away) we just waited until after the birth to buy anything.

The thing is I never realized how much I actually needed to prepare for baby by purchasing them clothes before they were born. With Edith I just felt frustrated and we ended up just getting stuff because we felt like we had to. With Alder we basically didn’t do any preparation before he arrived and it made the whole pregnancy feel a little less exciting. Now if only Le Lait Baby could have existed before both of my kids were born.

Le Lait Baby - Alder - 6

Le Lait Baby was created by two childhood friends who just like myself ran into the problem of not being able to find cute, trendy clothes for their kids that were also comfortable. Besides creating clothes made of seriously the softest fabric they also have created a completely gender neutral line (!!!) I know who else is excited?

Le Lait Baby - Alder -12

Le Lait Baby’s gender neutral line features trendy, modern and comfortable clothes for little boys and girls. They have everything from rompers, to onesies, to separate tops and bottoms and even accessories for the super trendy baby out there. Their line runs from 03-06 months to 18-24 months and I am hoping that maybe one day they will come out with a toddler line because my three year old was a little jealous of her baby bro’s super cute Single Milk Drop Sleep and Play romper.

So whether you are on the lookout for gender neutral baby or simply really beautiful baby clothes and accessories for your little one or for the next baby shower you attend look no further because Le Lait Baby has you covered.

Disclaimer: Le Lait Baby provided us with Alder’s romper. We received no compensation for this post. 

Spontaneous Seattle Trip + OXOTot


Hello from Seattle friends! Alder, Edith and I took a spontaneous trip up to Seattle to stay with our friends from Germany who are here housesitting. It is the first trip I have taken by myself with the kids but luckily Neil took the bus up on Friday after work so we could see a bit of Seattle together and so I would have a driving partner.

Luckily OXO Tot sent us a few goodies that have made our road trip a bit easier.

First up is this travel potty. I know you’re thinking wow Edith is finally out of diapers! Nope she is still all about the diapers and we don’t push it (that’s for another post) but she does have an interest to go on the potty sometimes especially since her friends do/are starting to. That being said she will randomly request to use the potty so it has been a lifesaver to have this super easy travel potty. Plus it folds up and can be used as a seat cover if she wants to use the “big potty” somewhere.OXOTot

Next up is this OXOtot On-The-Go Wipes dispenser. Seriously it makes carrying wipes so much easier and they don’t get all dried out. We just keep ours in our car diaper station and it’s been perfect.


Oh and I can’t forget the to go cup with cover. Edith and Alder love their snacks so of course we have to pack like a million of them for road trips and this container makes it easy to keep their snacks available but also not have a huge mess in their carseats.

We actually came up to Seattle to help a friend out so we haven’t been doing many Seattle things. We have been cooking, walking the dog, a bit of cleaning, and playing. Today is our last day and with Neil finally here we might try and get in a few fun Seattle things (TBD). What are your travel essentials? What are your favorite Seattle things to do?


*Disclaimer: While OXO Tot was kind enough to send us these items we did not receive any additional compensation for writing this post. If you have been following us for awhile you know we are huge OXO Tot fans.

Small Outdoor Spaces | Water Table | Little Tikes

little tikes 3

This is post #2 in a series about small spaces with Little Tikes you can read my first post here

While a sandbox might not be on every parents list of desired outdoor items a water table should be. Water tables easily provide hours of fun for littles and it is a great way for them to cool off. I really don’t know why we didn’t get one sooner. In previous years we used an old plastic tote box for Edith to splash around in and a small kids pool but in our new space we couldn’t have the pool and a standing water table just seemed like a much better idea for both kids.

Little Tikes Water Table -E&S

This Little Tikes Fish ‘n Splash Water Table™ is great because it’s the perfect height for both Edith and Alder to play. It also comes with a cup, a little net, and some super cute water animals. If Alder could he would probably spend all of his time playing at the water table. I mean as soon as I open our sliding door he is making a beeline for the water table and has a meltdown if he doesn’t make it before I shut the door.

little tikes water table

The only thing that I wish that this water table had was a little sun umbrella but we have made it work by putting it in a shaded spot on our balcony. I do love that it has a little drain in the bottom which makes it easy to change the water.

I have a feeling this water table will be something we use for years with both kids.


Do you have a water table? 

Disclaimer: Little Tikes provided with us this sandbox at no cost. We did NOT receive any compensation for this post.



Small Outdoor Spaces | Sandbox | Little Tikes

little tikesWhen we were searching for a new home last year I was as bit disappointed when my desire for a yard would not be fulfilled. A yard has just become such a desire when you have too little ones who like to spend their time outside running around. While we didn’t end up with a yard we do have a decent sized balcony and have gotten a little creative to make it work for us.


Our balcony is home to a variety of things and while it doesn’t look perfect it keeps the kids happy and therefore it keeps us happy. One of the items that has been entertained this summer has been a sandbox. Now I know what you are thinking a sandbox on a balcony? Yes, it’s there and while I don’t love all the sand it keeps the kids entertained for hours.

little tikes 2

The sandbox we have is the Cozy Coupe® Sandbox and when the cover is on it looks just like those little cars that kids love so much. I have to say that is a big selling point with this sandbox – the cover that is. We live in Oregon so while summers are usually pretty dry we do get a good amount of drizzly/rainy days throughout the year so the cover keeps us from having a mud box.

While an afternoon in the sandbox always requires a bath it’s worth it to see these two littles having so much fun. Overall this sandbox has been such a great addition to our small outdoor space. Do you have a small space? How do you make it work with your kids?

Side note these kids love the sandbox with or without sand. How cute is this little monkey?

2015_06_06_LIttleTikes-6Disclaimer: Little Tikes provided with us this sandbox at no cost. We did NOT receive any compensation for this post.