From The East Coast To The West Coast

We finally made it.

It seems like it has been months rather than just a week since we have all been together and it never felt so good to be reunited.

Edith, my mom and I made the long trip westward on Wednesday and although it was a long day of traveling it went pretty smoothly.  Edith was amazing on the plane, I really couldn’t have asked for a better little traveler. She had about 2 minutes of fussing the whole time and mostly that was because her food source wasn’t getting to her fast enough.  Otherwise she slept, played and laughed the entire time.


I think what really helped with having a smooth trip with a six month old was low expectations, a relative relaxed approach and trying to fly when she would nap.  I also made sure to bring a nice big blanket for her to play on during our layover.  After being in my arms for an entire flight I think she was ready to get moving and have a little independent time.


Now we are here in Oregon and it is great except for this whole sleeping thing. Edith has been a pretty good sleeper ….if you like babies who go to bed at 5pm and are up at 3am. Yeah…I didn’t think so.  I am really not sure what to do to help her get back on a better sleeping routine because if this keeps up I am going to have to go to bed at 5pm myself so that I can get some rest! ee

Last night I had high hopes that if we picked Neil up from work and run some errands that maybe I could keep her awake so that I could get her to go to bed at 8pm PST rather than 8pm EST. That was a bust. She screamed the whole way to Neil’s work and then nursed there and promptly fell asleep for the remainder of our errand running. Then of course she was up at 3am. To top it all off she will not sleep in her pack ‘n play (crib hasn’t arrived yet, actually nothing has arrived yet). She wants to be in bed with me, nursing. I don’t know if it’s the time change, the new home, a growth spurt or a combination of those but it’s killing me. I just want to sleep!

Oh well we will give it some time and just keep trying but if anyone has any advice please send it my way!

Also this is a great link on tips for flying with a baby or toddler.

Edith Eats

Today we got the all clear for Edith to start solids! She will be 6 months next Wednesday and has been showing so much interest in food lately that I couldn’t wait to introduce solids to her.  Unfortunately (and fortunately) Neil moved out to Oregon yesterday so he wasn’t here to experience her “first meal” but I was sure to document it for him.

I served up some organic butternut squash pure and brown rice cereal.  Edith wasn’t the biggest fan of the squash and cereal but she didn’t hate it either.  I also gave her a few Happy Bellies Green Puffs which she loved.






What was your baby’s first food?

Baby Paper

Recently Edith has really taken a liking to paper, especially napkins.  If she sees one she instantly grabs at it and then proceeds to try and eat it.  While this is cute (at first) once the paper is in her mouth she begins to try to bite gum off pieces and ends up with a mouth full of paper.  Then it turns into me battling to fish the paper out of her mouth and her screaming.

Well Christmas Eve Neil solved the problem when he came across Baby Paper at a local bookshop.  Baby Paper is made of a soft material that has a crinkly sound when it is touched (or eaten).  Edith absolutely loves it! Now it doesn’t totally solve the problem because E still loves her paper but it makes an easy swap without screaming or fussing. Best part is I don’t have to fish paper out of E’s mouth (as often) anymore! Baby Paper

Does your baby love paper?

X-Mas Scenes

We have had a busy past three days with family Christmas festivities on the 23rd, Christmas Eve festivities on the 24th and a full day of Christmas festivities on the 25th. Edith has done pretty well the entire time considering all of the craziness of being around so many people, sights and scenes. Unfortunately however she seems to be a bit cranky (growth spurt related I am guessing) and is going through a rough teething patch as well.IMG_3727

It took us from 7am-4pm to actually open our stockings and gifts since we took breaks to eat, nurse and nap. By about noon however Edith had, had enough and was pretty fussy so after enjoying a tasty dinner Edith and I retreated to the bedroom to nurse and then invited Neil in to join us for a little family play/cuddle time in bed. I think we all really needed a break to just be the three of us.

Overall things went really well with Edith’s first Christmas. She loved the wrapping paper and the boxes. It was a long three days for all of us though so I am ready to sit back and relax.







Christmas Gifts: New Mom

New Mom

1. The MILF Diet is not out yet but it will be shortly.  I know the name is kind of off putting but the recipes inside are so delicious it is a wonderful recipe book and once you get pass the name the content and recipes are so good.

2. Bluum Box- I started purchasing this box a few months ago and I am loving it. The box has items for both mom and baby and all of the boxes that I have received have had items that I am super impressed with.

3. An e-reader (I recommend the Kindle). It is perfect for nursing because you can hold it with one hand and if you do as much nursing as I do you need something to occupy the time.

4. Books to read on the e-reader.  I absolutely loved Mindy Kailing’s book; it was hilarious and relate-able. I also loved that this book is made up of short stories which is perfect when you are nursing.

5. Snoogle- This is really more for the mom-to-be but I also loved it the first few weeks after Edith’s birth during my recovery period.  I would have continued to use it as well but we did a lot of bed sharing during the first few months of Edith’s life and it got in the way (also Neil hated it- unless of course he was using it).

Disclaimer: This post was NOT sponsored. These are all items that I use regularly at home and I think they would make wonderful gifts.

The Amazing BOB

Disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored.  We purchased our own BOB and are just lovers of it so I am sharing our experience here.

Buying a stroller is like buying a car. There are luxury to inexpensive strollers, strollers for the city, for quick use and those for jogging/running. On top of all that you have different colors to choose from and then of course you have to test drive them. Is your head spinning yet? I know ours were when we were trying to choose the right stroller for us.

I longed for one of those beautiful bassinet style strollers, you know the ones that go for $600-1,200, but of course that was not even remotely in our price range.  So we had to sit down and really layout our wants and needs.


  • Smooth ride/push
  • Has infant carseat adapter capability
  • Longevity
  • Safe
  • $450 or less


  • Jogger

So we didn’t need a jogger and honestly $450 was so much more than we wanted to spend but in the end after researching and researching strollers we decided to order the BOB Revolution SE.  We ordered it off of Amazon and lucked out that it was $379 rather than the $450+ (however I just checked and it’s only $313 on Amazon right now).

We chose this stroller because after reading about a million recommendations from bloggers and friends we decided it was amazing and just what we needed.  So it is a jogging stroller that as the infant  carseat adapter (you have to buy separately) and we will be able to use it until Edith is 70lbs (so a really long time).  So it’s not so fancy and it isn’t the cutest stroller but it has the best ride/drive and it is super safe.

You can start using it without the infant adapter at 8 weeks, but honestly we didn’t start until she was closer to 15 weeks because Edith was so tiny and honestly because I love watching her while I push her around and I can’t do that when she is sitting in the seat.

You can start running when your child is 8 months (used to be 6) but honestly I started when Edith was around 12 weeks, when her neck control was at a good place.  Also I have ONLY ever run with her in her carseat and still do often.  I’ll make a note that I am not up to my normal fast  (cough cough) speed of a 12 minute mile so I feel comfortable running with her since I usually do run walk and do around a 15 minute mile with the stroller.

The only downside with this stroller that it is so big but at least it is easy to fold up and Edith loves it as well.

Bonus it makes a great place for Edith to sit while I cook!

Tip: Buy the handle bar console! We use it everytime we go out and I don’t know what I would do without it.


Baby vs. Television

Since becoming a SAHM I find myself watching (way) more television than I ever have in my life.  I’m talking like I can finish an entire season within two days while still watching other shows at night with Neil.  This is a bad habit and not one that I want Edith to get used to.

When Edith was younger she didn’t seem to really notice the TV and so although Neil and I said we would limit our TV watching from the start we let this slide and didn’t really think much of it when I spent 8 hours/day on the couch nursing and watching Private Practice.  Over time Edith has really started to notice the TV and if it is on she will watch it, even if all that is on the screen is the bouncing Roku logo.

However, last week things went from her just watching if she was facing the TV to her craning her neck to see the TV when you had her faced away from it.  This is when we decided that we could no longer get away with watching TV while she is awake.  We stopped watching TV during the day cold turkey and honestly it wasn’t as challenging as I thought it would be. Okay, I should be forthcoming about it and say that we are not super strict about absolutely no TV while she is awake but we have cut down by about 90% (so 1-2 episodes of a show per day while she is nursing).

So you might be asking yourself- why do you care if she watches the TV? Well we don’t want Edith to become a baby zombie.  We also don’t want her to become dependent on the TV for entertainment as she gets older.  On top of that

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no television time for toddlers younger than 2, in large part because no studies have yet established that TV exposure improves babies’ learning. Read more.

Other Reasons:

  • Watching too much TV has been said to impair development of language and motor skills in infants and toddlers.
  • We want Edith to be more interested in books, nature, art, music and sports than television (or computers or smartphones).
  • There is no benefit to her watching TV.
  • We, the adults, also don’t need to watch as much TV as we do.
  • We want Edith to plaster photos of Ira Glass on her walls instead of the Jersey Shore cast.

What we aren’t saying:

  • We are NOT saying TV is bad, hell we LOVE our shows.
  • We are NOT saying that E will never watch TV but at this age she really has no need to.
  • Also we are not saying she can’t post photos of the Jersey Shore cast on her wall if that’s what she really wants but we are hoping that by surrounding her with music, NPR, books and nature that she will be more interested in Ira than Snooki.


By The Glow of The Salt Lamp


I guess some people might say we are lucky because Edith has always been a good sleeper at night. Most nights she will start with a 3-5 hour (sometimes but rarely a 7-7.5 hour) stretch and then is up usually twice to nurse. Now don’t get me wrong we have had a few nights of cluster feedings but for the most part things have been going really well and I account a big part of this to nursing in bed.

20120914-044350.jpgMaybe it is due to the adequate sleep I get most nights but I have really come to love nursing in bed by the light of our salt lamp. I clear away the pillows and blankets, pick up Edith from her bassinet (now crib- but that’s another post) and bring her to bed to nurse side lying. I hold her close and soak up the closeness of this peaceful time. Our room is nice and dark with just the glow of our salt lamp, which is really wonderful for anyone looking for the perfect light for their or their babies room. Ours has a dimmer on it so I can easily control how light or dark I want the room to be and it is dim enough not to bother Neil while he sleeps or wake Edith up too much but bright enough for me to see her.

I love to hold her close and gaze down at her while she nurses with the dim orange light on her. It is a special time and if there is one thing I have learned so far it is to soak up these moments as they pass too quickly so I am soaking it up as much as I can. As she gets older we are trying to transition her to her own crib and feeding her in her room but most nights she ends up back in bed with us for at least one feeding and I am not sure I will be giving that one up anytime soon.

Do you have a nursing ritual or favorite place/time to nurse?