Rainy Day Fun: Painting

We have officially hit winter in Portland which means rain, lots of rain. While I still try to get us out and about I am also working on coming up with fun indoor play activities. A few weeks ago I picked up painting supplies from Ikea and yesterday we took them for a spin. Edith … [Read more…]

Munchkin Meals: 6 Months

Edith is finally old enough to participate in Munchkin Meals! I will be doing a post more on introducing solids and our method but for now I’ll just say we are doing a combo of pureed and baby led solids. When we first started solids we were doing mostly just purees and to my surprise … [Read more…]

Edith Eats

Today we got the all clear for Edith to start solids! She will be 6 months next Wednesday and has been showing so much interest in food lately that I couldn’t wait to introduce solids to her.  Unfortunately (and fortunately) Neil moved out to Oregon yesterday so he wasn’t here to experience her “first meal” … [Read more…]