When I’m A Parent….

I will never put my child in a cage… and then we bought a cage. Okay so it’s not really a cage it is a play yard that we lovingly call “The Cage” and it has become totally necessary. Over the past few weeks Edith has become more mobile ie. crawling and climbing. Oh, and … [Read more…]

Edith: Seven Months

Weight: no idea. Height: no idea. Likes: Absolutely loves being outside, walking, riding in the stroller, water, bathtime, crawling, climbing. Dislikes: Being left on the floor to play for longer than 10-20 minutes at a time. Riding in the car at night. Getting her diaper changed when she is overtired. Sleeping: We had some major … [Read more…]

Munchkin Meals: 6 Months

Edith is finally old enough to participate in Munchkin Meals! I will be doing a post more on introducing solids and our method but for now I’ll just say we are doing a combo of pureed and baby led solids. When we first started solids we were doing mostly just purees and to my surprise … [Read more…]