Edith: Ten Months

*On May 9th, 2013 Edith turned 10months.* Weight: Around 16 lbs. Unfortunately Edith had a stomach bug for about a week in late April which caused her to loose a few ounces but we are working on getting her weight back up! Height: Not sure maybe 27-28 inches? Likes: Reading her books; Edith will sit … [Read more…]

The Many Faces of Edith

We take hundreds of photos most weeks around here and as I was filtering through our latest batch I came across these photos of Edith.  She has so many different expressions and I can’t help but crack a smile or a laugh when looking through these ones.  My favorite are her mango faces.

Weekend Snapshots: April 20-21st

What we did this weekend… Friday night I had the house to myself while Neil went to a concert. Saturday Morningwe started off our morning with breakfast at AND Cafe and then we went to the Saturday Artist Market before heading home to get ready for date night. Saturday night we dropped Edith off at … [Read more…]